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With Us, You Can Find The Best Homes for Sale in Gentry, AR

Looking for the best homes for sale in Gentry, Arkansas? You're in the right place! We've got the best homes for sale in Gentry, AR compiled by a real estate agent with over 15 years of experience helping people just like you to discover the unique qualities of Gentry's housing market.

Gentry Has A Variety Of Amazing Neighborhoods

Gentry is home to many wonderful, middle-class neighborhoods. These residential areas offer a mix of charm and modern conveniences such as sidewalks, street lights, and garbage pickup. The town prides itself on its tree-lined streets and gorgeous houses with large, manicures of lawns. If you're looking for a quiet, suburban neighborhood, Gentry has many options and is a great place to settle down. The city is located in an affluent area of the country where people can enjoy a comfortable lifestyle, and it shows in the properties for sale. The variety of neighborhoods within the Gentry makes it a fascinating place to look for a home. If you're an outdoor enthusiast looking for a golf course or country club membership, Gentry has all of that and more. The city is home to TPC San Silvestre, one of the premier golf clubs in the country, and to the Gentry Country Club, which offers a variety of events throughout the year, including a pro-am tourney that's open to the public

Homes for Sale in Gentry, AR - A Great Place To Buy A Home

Gentry offers a stable, middle-class lifestyle at a bargain. Property values are high but affordable, and buyers can enjoy the benefits of suburban living with the feel of a small town. The average listing price for a home in Gentry is around $175,000, which is a great value compared to the national average of $245,000. The cost of living is relatively low, and there is a good selection of native wildlife, including some beautiful birds, that you can spot from the windows of your home. Gentry is also a safe place to live. The violent crime rate is low, and you're likely to experience a mellow residential area. There is a police station located in the town, which is equipped with police officers who often patrol the neighborhood looking for suspicious activity. If you ever feel threatened, they will respond promptly to your calls for help and keep you safe.

The Real Estate Market Is Excellent In Gentry

Buyers can enjoy excellent property values in Gentry. The city's real estate market is hot right now, and there are many properties for sale. If you're looking for a bargain, Gentry is a good option. Sales activity in the city has improved, with 5% of the homes currently available for sale having been on the market for less than two weeks. There have also been a considerable amount of price reductions, with the average home in Gentry likely to sell for 92% of its original asking price. If you're looking for a good deal in Gentry, it's important to act quickly. The majority of the city's available properties have already been snapped up by eager buyers, and there are only a few remaining options for those looking to purchase a home in the city. If you're thinking about moving to Gentry, do so soon before everything is spoken for. The best time to purchase a home in Gentry is before school starts in the fall.