Bentonville Farmer’s Market

Bentonville Farmer’s Market – A Great Place to Support Local Business

Do you like to support local businesses?  If so, a Farmer’s Market is a great place to browse products from not only local farmer’s, but other local businesses as well.  On this episode of Naturally NWA, I went out to the Bentonville Farmer’s Market to check out what types of business and products were on display.  There were several different farms with booths, selling produce and flowers, lots of food vendors, apparel companies, local artists, and a whole lot more.

I had never been to the Bentonville Farmer’s Market before shooting this video, because I personally live closer to Fayetteville.  Before this day, I had only been to the Fayetteville Farmer’s Market and assumed that it was the best in the area, but I will admit that Bentonville’s Farmer’s Market blew Fayetteville’s out of the water!  There were 3-4 times the amount of vendors at the Bentonville Market that there were at the Fayetteville Market, and at least that many more people out there.

Mamma Z Tortilla Tamale Factory

Mamma Z’s is a locally owned, woman-owned business based in Bentonville, Arkansas that makes the best artisan tortillas, tortilla chips, salsa, cheese dips, and tamales you’ll ever try!  They use a unique NIXTAMALIZATION process to bring the most traditional masa to make healthier, non-GMO, gluten-free, and delicious products. They have a retail location in Bentonville at 2503 S Walton Blvd Suite 11 where you can pick up all of their freshly made products, or you can find them at the Farmer’s Market every Saturday on the Historic Bentonville Square.

Mack’s Barbeque Paint

Braylen Mack has had a passion for grilling and barbecue ever since the first time his father showed him how to light a fire on his charcoal grill. As he developed his own style of grilling, he realized that baby back ribs was his specialty. He would eagerly wait for the best part, when he could “paint his ribs” to finish them off. It was from this eagerness that the idea for Mack’s Barbecue Paint was birthed, in the heart of North Little Rock, Arkansas.

Mack’s BBQ Paint comes in 4 different flavors: Original Arkansas Red, Sweet Heat Crimson, Mustard Bold Gold, and Smoky White.  He also has a Rust Rub that is great on everything form Ribs to Burgers, to Chicken and everything in between.  He was sold out of the Rust Rub when I was there, so I bought the Original Arkansas Red and the Smoky White Sauce.  The Smoky White Sauce is definitely my favorite!  It is very unique and is really delicious on chicken.  I will say that his Original Arkansas Red is also very good and I have used it on both Chicken and Ribs and it’s definitely better than the majority of the sauces you’ll find in the grocery stores.
You can find Mack’s BBQ Paint at Richard’s Meat Market in Fayetteville and Jim’s Meat Market in Bentonville, or online at  Or just stop by the Farmer’s Market on a beautiful Saturday morning and go talk to Braylen yourself and pick up a few bottles directly from the source.

Happy State Co.

Happy State Co is a local apparel company started 9 years ago that sells local & state themed hats, t-shirts and other accessories. They have a location in Bentonville at 706 S Main St, and you can also find their products at the Bentonville Mercantile and the Fayetteville Mercantile.  Their designs are inspired by the many fun events and activities happening around Northwest Arkansas.