Are you thinking of making a change and wonder if Northwest Arkansas might be the place for you? In this episode of Naturally NWA, I’m going to share the story of Bob and Donna Cox, my clients who moved from the city life in Atlanta to the country here in Siloam Springs. We’ll find out what challenges they faced and learn how I was able to get them in the home they really wanted.

Meet Bob And Donna

Bob and Donna Cox weren’t happy living near Atlanta, Georgia, mostly due to the political environment during the last presidential election. They wanted to live in a place that had similar values to their own, a place where you know your neighbors and you act neighborly towards each other, and a place that had a sense of community.

In addition to wanting a small-town vibe, the pair were looking for seclusion and privacy—while still being close to all the amenities, like shopping and restaurants. They did their research and they discovered that the Ozark Mountains here in Northwest Arkansas checked off all of their boxes.

More specifically, they came to discover that the city of Siloam Springs was a perfect fit for what they were looking to do.

Ambassador Eby

One of the things I love the most about being a realtor is that I get to help people relocate from different areas. This allows me to be an ambassador for the Northwest Arkansas area. As a matter of fact, right from the beginning of my relationship with Bob and Donna, I was nicknamed “Ambassador Eby.” It’s a title I’ll gladly take.

When we started looking, Bob and Donna had no idea that they would end up with not only an amazing house here in Northwest Arkansas but also 15 beautiful acres. Once we started looking at some houses together, I was able to get to know them enough to be able to uncover their needs and wants. This led us to a home here in Siloam Springs—which is now their forever home.

Overcoming Challenges

One of the challenges with the Coxs was timing. They were only here for about a week to look at houses, but thankfully, we were able to look at a couple and get our search dialed in. We were able to find a property and get it under contract before they had to head back to Georgia and work on getting their house ready to list and put on the market.

Since we were under contract, I was able to manage the process from here in Arkansas. I got them connected with the title company, lender, and home inspector—and we were able to get all of those things done while they were in Georgia. This made for a very smooth process. They came back into town for closing, brought some of their stuff and moved in, and then headed back to finalize the sale of their home.

Making The Move

One of the different things about Bob and Donna’s experience is that they bought their home almost virtually. They were only in town for about a week, living in Georgia for the rest of the process. Surprisingly for the Coxs, however, it wasn’t stressful.

As they describe it, moving from Atlanta to Siloam Springs was probably the smoothest process that they had ever been through. While it’s the fourth house they’ve purchased, they weren’t exactly sure what to expect. I handled the inspection and gave them the report virtually, so they only needed to come back to Arkansas for the closing.

In addition, watching my videos helped Bob and Donna get a good flavor of what Arkansas was like before they even started working with me. The more educated they were, the more interested they became. They thought I seemed like a friendly guy, and their expectations were not disappointed. The same person they saw on the videos is the same person they worked with through the entire process—and I held their hands the whole way.

Living The Arkansas Lifestyle

The pair have been in the home for about a month or two now, and they love it. As Bob and Donna tell me, they’re thrilled. They originally came from Chicago and were then in Atlanta, with the intention of leaving the urban and suburban life behind for the country. Now they’re in a home that’s the perfect match for their requirements.

They were looking for an area with more openness, a larger piece of property in the country, and the chance to enjoy some fresh air—and that’s exactly what they have now.  For those that have never been to Arkansas, the Coxs feel like they’ve discovered a secret. It’s a whole different way of living that they now get to enjoy.

Bob and Donna were most surprised by their neighbors and the people in Northwest Arkansas. In Chicago and Atlanta, people are friendly; but in their new home, the pair felt like they had instant neighbors and instant friends. They’ve never really known their neighbors very well and were never really friends with them.

Here, though, people check in and see how the pair is doing. Their neighbor even let them use his house to watch the Razorback game—which he was at—because the Coxs didn’t have cable. These good old-fashioned values are one of the great things about Northwest Arkansas that Bob and Donna have come to appreciate. They can take advantage of the small-town vibe but still have plenty to do.

Are You Ready To Make NWA Your Home?

So if you’re like Bob and Donna and want to move across the country but think it’s too impossible to pull off, just remember that I have a system that makes it relatively stress-free and simple. If you or someone you know is thinking about moving across the country, please feel free to reach out to me and I’d be happy to connect. We’ll come up with a plan that will fit your needs and help you get to Northwest Arkansas.

Naturally, I help people just like you relocate across the country every single day—and I would love the opportunity to work with you as well. So if you have any specific questions or want additional information about the local area, real estate market, or the relocation process, please feel free to call, text, email, or direct message me on social media.

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