Are you looking to find the perfect Christmas gift while supporting local small businesses? In this episode of Naturally NWA, I’m going to introduce you to some of my favorite local shopping spots right here in Northwest Arkansas. From home décor and gourmet cooking to unique, handmade goods, these small businesses have it all.

Supporting Small Business For The Holidays

Christmas is coming up soon, and with it comes the opportunity for the small businesses of Northwest Arkansas to support themselves. This year has been extremely rough for all the small businesses in the United States, and that’s been no exception here in Northwest Arkansas. These businesses do not get a free pass like the Walmarts of the world. Many of them lost money while those large corporations recorded record months, and several of those small businesses unfortunately have had to close.

On this channel, I support local businesses here in Northwest Arkansas. I wanted to show you guys some of my favorite spots to shop for local Christmas gifts so you can support them too. There’s an amazing variety to choose from, and you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Fayetteville Square

Let’s start in the beautiful Fayetteville Square. City Supply, a very popular store here in Fayetteville, is one of the great businesses you can support. They have a big selection of just about anything you can think of, from cool Razorback gear to locally sourced products. About 50% of their product line is made here in Northwest Arkansas, and most of the rest of their merchandise is made in America.

City Supply has a little bit of something for everybody, including locally branded clothing for Fayetteville and Northwest Arkansas. They also have a variety of really delicious, local-made sauces and coffees of all kinds. Two doors down from City Supply is the Mustache Shop, a cool store that has a little something for everyone. Their wares include a clothing selection, random fun knickknacks, stocking stuffers, and plenty of unique gifts.

Center Street Mercantile

On 108 North Block street in Fayetteville is the Center Street Mercantile. Maxine’s, right next to the Dark Star Visuals, is a really cool store with amazing merchandise. You’ll find a variety of kitchen and bathroom items, and it’s a great choice for anybody on your Christmas list that likes gourmet cooking. Everything in the store—except for their cast iron skillets—is handmade. Additionally, about 25% of their product line is locally made here in Northwest Arkansas.

600 North Mission Boulevard

Our next location is called Fayettechill, a very popular clothing brand here in Northwest Arkansas. They’ve actually gotten distribution all across the country, attesting to their popularity. They used to be located on Dixon Street but are now at their new location here at 600 North Mission Boulevard in Fayetteville.

What you’ll find here is outdoor goods for the woods. So there are hoodies, pants, shirts, stickers, and all kinds of cool stuff. If you’ve got anybody on your Christmas list that wants something very specific to Northwest Arkansas, you should check Fayettechill out.

The Bentonville Mercantile

Another great business is the Bentonville Mercantile. Located at 103 South East Second Street here in Bentonville, everything in this store is 100% made by local people. All of their products, made by over 50 different makers here in Arkansas, fill the space. They’ve got a wide selection of just about everything, from home décor to local t-shirts.

Rogers Downtown Square

Our last stop is in Rogers, of the downtown square area on Walnut street. Dandy Roll is a cool little store with plenty of locally made products. They have a pretty big selection including everything from clothing and unique prints to kids’ gifts and more.

Shop Local In Northwest Arkansas

As you can see, there is plenty of choices to shop local here in Northwest Arkansas. These stores don’t even scratch the surface of all the places you could choose from. So if there are any places that I missed, please tag them in the comments of the video and let people know where they can shop local for Christmas gifts this year.

Thank you for watching another episode of Naturally NWA, where we support the residents and local businesses of thriving Northwest Arkansas. If you would like to have your business featured on a future episode of Naturally NWA, please give me a call and I’d be happy to hear from you. Make sure to subscribe to my channel so you never miss an episode!