Do you have any Razorback fans on your Christmas gift list and you don’t know what to get them? In this episode of Naturally NWA, I’m going to share the top five gifts that I found under $100 for the Razorback fan on your list. We’ll look at everything from t-shirts to dog collars so you can find the perfect present to stick under the tree.

Where To Find Your Razorback Gear

This year, I have several Razorback fans on my Christmas list. I decided to go around Northwest Arkansas and find some of the coolest Razorback gifts you can get for under $100. I went to three different stores: The Stadium Shoppe, Hog Heaven, and Alumni Hall.

I’ve done a video on The Stadium Shoppe before, so make sure to check out my YouTube channel for that. The Hog Heaven store I visited is located inside of the Razorback Stadium, though they also have locations in the mall. Lastly, Alumni Hall is located next to Whole Foods in Fayetteville.

We’ll go through some of these cool gifts that I found for under $100—starting with something that I’d be happy to get myself. Hint, hint: if anybody has me on their gift list that wants to get me something, this would be perfect for me.

T-Shirts And Socks

I like cool T-shirts, and I’m a big T-shirt guy. As a huge Razorback fan, I’m excited that we’re going to a bowl game for the first time this year. One of the cool things that Sam Pittman did was get a bowling ball and name it Larry. We’re going bowling with Larry this year in 2021—and this is the shirt that says that.

The Bowling With Larry shirt from The Stadium Shoppe is a cool gift for a family member that likes funny t-shirts. It’s a great gift well under $100 that Dad—or the Razorback lover in your life—is sure to love. Speaking of gifts for Dad, I always got my dad socks and Old Spice for Christmas. While they don’t make Razorback cologne yet, there are plenty of Razorback sock selections a father would love.

Alumni Hall offers many different socks, though a cool, athletic pair is my pick for Dad. They’re more of an athletic style that pairs well with all-white Skechers. You can also find dress socks that are perfect to wear into the office.

The Hog Hat And Fan Decor

The next gift is something that’s a staple for anyone who has a younger kid on the Razorback gift list: the Razorback Hog Hat. While they’re available almost everywhere, I got mine specifically at Hog Heaven. Lined with foam, your young fan will put their hat on and call the hogs. Woooo pig!

The next item I picked up is perfect for a Razorback fan on your list who has a man cave or does a lot of tailgating parties. It’s a metal sign that says, “Welcome Razorbacks,” the perfect addition to the patio or anywhere that needs some fanfare. Found at Alumni Hall, it’s the perfect gift for staying within your budget at $60. Plus, the metal means it will hold up against the weather if hung outside.

Coolers And Collars

A cool gift I found at The Stadium Shoppe is a portable Razorback cooler, priced at $89.99. The cooler fits a six-pack of your favorite sodas or adult beverages, with room for snacks. The best part is that it includes a unique feature: a Bluetooth speaker mounted on the side. Take your cooler to a Razorback game, hang out in the outfield, and connect your phone to the speaker to listen to the broadcast of the game. It’s the first year this product has been available, so make sure to snag one for your special fan.

Last but not least, I wanted to find a gift for my pups. I get them a gift every year, and this year they’re going to be rocking Razorback collars. I got a red one with Razorbacks on it for Pork Chop and a pink one with a little Razorbacks on it for Peaches. They’re going to be excited to open these in their Christmas stockings on Christmas morning, and I’m excited to have them sport these around.

Get The Perfect Gift

I hope this gave you just a few ideas of the great Razorback gifts you can find under $100 this year for Christmas. There’s a lot more cool stuff out there, so I encourage you guys to go check out The Stadium Shoppe, Alumni Hall, and Hog Heaven. You’ll find a huge selection of all kinds of clothing, decor, gear, and random stuff that you can get to show your Razorback pride.

I wear a size “Yes” in all of these items, so if you’re looking for a gift for me, I love all of it. If you have any questions about where to find your Razorback gear or about Northwest Arkansas in general, feel free to reach out to me and I’ll be happy to help. Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel so you never miss an episode of Naturally NWA, and stay tuned to see what’s coming next!