It all started with one man, a food trailer, a vespa, and a dream. The rest is history. This place will change your taco Tuesday forever and make all of your taco dreams come true. It’s called Torchy’s and if you like damn good food, then you’ve come to the right place.

This chain that first got its start in Austin, Texas has now made its way to Arkansas. Its first one being located at 1541 M.L.K. Jr Boulevard in Fayetteville. This place is the hub of delicious taco related food. The atmosphere and sheer look of the buildings is enough to make me want to come here. The use of brick and mortar along with a stylish interior makes it so you are dining in style.

The design of the building was made to pop. It was actually designed after famous bridges, so everything from the colors to the chandeliers and metal pieces are meant to replicate the feeling of standing under famous bridges throughout the world.

Torchy’s Tacos makes it impossible to get bored of the menu with its wide variety of options, but also with their taco of the month. To spice things up, every month there is a special taco. One month they had the “rebel yell,” which was grilled shrimp, grilled pineapple, barbeque sauce, chipotle, bacon and their freshly made garlic fried onion strings. It’s an explosion of taste in your mouth that will definitely have you coming back.

If you’re looking for a hip spot to grab a drink then Torchy’s is also your place. Their full bar just recently opened up and is ready to serve delicious beers and cocktails. Their “house rocks” is their most famous drink and is made with a delicious tequila that has so many people requesting it, that the drink is actually on tap. All of the drinks are amazing and the best time to try it out is at happy hour Monday through Friday 3:00 – 6:00 pm or on the weekend to catch some $3 hangover cures like sangria, mimosas, and a tequila sunrise.

They don’t mess around with the size of these tacos either. Be careful that your eyes aren’t bigger than your stomach. They suggest that one taco makes for a good snack and that two tacos is generally good for a meal. This place is the natural choice when it comes to fire tacos and delicious margaritas. Be sure to check them out!