Buying a home can be one of the most important purchases you make in your lifetime; It can be one of the most exciting as well!  As a homebuyer, you will want to ask a few key questions from the seller before you purchase to be sure you are making the right decisions with your investment. Finding the right home involves a little research when you’re buying to be sure you are making a competitive offer, and one that meets your needs. Asking these questions will help.

Why is the Seller Moving?

Knowing why a seller is moving can put you in a better-negotiating position. Finding out as much information as possible about the seller’s move can allow you to gauge how flexible the seller may or may not be during negotiations. A motivated seller who needs to move more quickly due to a job location or major life event may be willing to negotiate more favorably.

What is Included in the Sale?

As a buyer, you might be eyeing the beautiful stainless steel refrigerator in the kitchen, but is that included in the sale? Anything considered a fixture is usually included; however, there could be items that you may think are included but actually aren’t. It is essential to include the items you want in your offer initially. You want to make sure the seller is willing to part with the items you are requesting as a part of the sale so that there aren’t any surprises later.

Have any Major Renovations or Repairs Been Done to the Property?

In most states, sellers are required to disclose what has been done to the property. It is still wise, as a buyer, to find out what significant renovations, upgrades, or repairs have been done to the home. Knowing the home’s improvement history will help you understand its overall condition, and why the seller priced the home the way they did. It may also be a good idea to ask for warranties and invoices for work that has been completed.

How is the Neighborhood?

As a buyer, you most likely will want to get a feel for the neighborhood. Items can be replaced or fixed in a home, but neighborhoods are here to stay. It’s best to do your homework and ask questions to find out what the nearby schools, amenities, traffic, and crime statistics are like.

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