Best Burger in NWA

Are you a fan of cheeseburgers like I am? In this episode of Naturally NWA, I’m on a mission to find out
who has the best burger in Northwest Arkansas. We’ll narrow down the search and compare two
contenders to find the ultimate winner.

Finding The Best Burger

There aren’t many things I like better than a cheeseburger. If you’re like me, you eat at least one burger
a week—or maybe two. The great thing about burgers is that it’s rare that I ever find a bad one, even if
it’s a fast food burger.
Since almost every restaurant in NWA has a burger on the menu and the majority of them claimed to
have the best burger around, I had to figure out a way to narrow it down. Who wants to watch a two-
hour montage of me gaining 300 pounds from eating 1,000 cheeseburgers? While that might go viral, I
had to decide on some judging criteria.

Narrowing It Down

The first and most obvious criteria to narrow it down would be that it has to be from a local restaurant.
Of course, that doesn’t narrow it down very much because there are so many in NWA. I also decided
that I needed to make sure I’m comparing the same type of burgers with the same toppings.
I also thought that the best burger in Northwest Arkansas should have some staying power. The
restaurant that I chose needed to be a well-established and long-standing place versus something that
just opened up a year or so ago. I narrowed down the list to two local places.

Hugo’s VS Patrick’s

The two final contenders for best burger go to Hugo’s in Fayetteville and Patrick’s N-Out Burgers in
Springdale. Hugo’s has been around since 1977, while Patrick’s opened up in 1971. I decided to order
the exact same thing at both places: a cheeseburger with mayonnaise, ketchup, lettuce, tomatoes, and
Full disclosure: I’ve eaten at Hugo’s many times before, but I’ve never tried Patrick’s until this contest.
The Hugo’s burger is nice, big, and beefy with a sesame seed bun. It’s really, really good and very well
cooked. You also have the option of how you want your burger to be cooked, so I chose medium. This
juicy burger has perfectly melted cheese and great toppings.
Next up is the Patrick’s burger, which is very similar in size to the Hugo’s burger. The Patrick’s burger,
however, is about half the price but includes the same toppings—though the bun is a little different,
which I liked. The burger was extremely juicy and included all the same toppings as Hugo’s option.

The Winner

Choosing between these two burgers was very close. While both were delicious, I’m honestly impressed
with Patrick’s burger. It was also a little juicier than the Hugo’s burger. Overall, the best burger in
Northwest Arkansas goes to Patrick’s!
I would love to hear what you guys think about my winning choice. If you would, drop me a comment
below and tell me who you think has the best burger in Northwest Arkansas. Don’t forget to subscribe to
my channel so you never miss an episode of Naturally NWA, and stay tuned to see what I feature next!