Do you love pizza and want to know where to find the best slice in Northwest Arkansas? In this episode
of Naturally NWA, I’m going to take you to two of my favorite pizza joints that you’ve got to check out.
We’ll visit each location and learn about their specialties so you can get an idea of NWA’s pizza options.

The Best Slice

If you’re anything like me, then you can eat pizza for every single meal. If you’re wondering who has the
best pizza in Northwest Arkansas, this is a tough one to narrow down. That’s because there are a lot of
really good local pizza places here in Northwest Arkansas. I’m going to share the two that are my
personal favorites and that a lot of locals love.
The first one is MJ’s Pizzeria in Elm Springs, and the second one is Pizzeria Ruby in Johnson. I went to each
location and tried one of their specialty pizzas. At MJ’s Pizzeria, my choice was the Loaded Meat pizza. It
has pepperoni, Arkansas bacon, pork and beef meatballs, and Italian sausage—and it’s delicious. Every
bite is loaded with flavor, and I loved every minute of it.
Over at Pizzeria Ruby in Johnson, I tried their Howdy Neighbor pizza. The Howdy Neighbor has brisket
from a favorite local BBQ place in Northwest Arkansas, Wright’s Barbecue. They also put jalapeño
poppers and red onions on the pizza, which was delicious. While I planned to get meat lovers pizza at
both places, the Howdy Neighbor will now be my first choice every time at Pizzeria Ruby.
Comparing Pies
After trying each location’s specialty pizzas, I ordered one of my favorites at each to compare: an Italian
sausage and mushroom pizza. I live close to Elm Springs, so MJ Pizzeria has but my go-to pizza place.
Their sausage and mushroom pizza is delicious, with a perfectly cooked, woodfired crust that’s not
MJ’s pizza has Italian sausage that’s kind of thin, like pepperoni. At Pizzeria Ruby, the Italian sausage is
more solid, big, chunks. Their crust is also perfectly cooked in the woodfire oven. While MJ’s
Pizzeria has been my favorite for a long time, I think Pizzeria Ruby is my new favorite. The crust is just a
little fluffier.
Of course, this is not to take anything away from MJ Pizzeria. They’re great, and I’ll still definitely go
there because it’s closer to my house and a little bit shorter wait time. At Pizzeria Ruby, you sometimes
have to wait an hour or longer if you want to eat there.

The NWA Pizza Champion

Overall, I’ve got to say the champion for the best pizza in Northwest Arkansas goes to Pizzeria Ruby. I
would love to hear what you guys think; feel free to drop a comment below and tell me who your
favorite pizza place is—whether it’s one of these two or a place that I didn’t include in this video.
If you have any questions about Northwest Arkansas living, feel free to reach out to me and I’ll be happy
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